10 Objectives of VVD Amstelveen



The number of burglaries and car break-ins must be reduced to zero, and the daily commute to school, the sports club or the shopping centre has to be safe for everyone, young and old, as well through (additional) security cameras, if necessary. An active municipal government is crucial for this!


More housing must be made available for rent and purchase by middle-income earners, room must be made for the youth of Amstelveen, and more choice created for Amstelveen locals who want to buy a house. Our elderly should be able to live at home for as long as possible. At home, in Amstelveen.


Amstelveen is an oasis of greenery, peace and space. And Amstelveen’s green must stay green – in fact, Amstelveen must strengthen its green character, and expand it where possible!


The locals of Amstelveen should be able to move around freely the way they want to, be it by bicycle, car or public transportation. Parking must fit into a green, spaciously planned Amstelveen: the VVD wants ample and safe parking facilities, below surface level wherever possible, to keep Amstelveen as green as possible.


Give entrepreneurs room in Amstelveen. Entrepreneurs are crucial to a healthy economic future. The VVD wants to continue treating entrepreneurs like customers!


The VVD is in favour of lowering municipal levies for both residents and businesses. The VVD uses government money economically, which means no spending more money than available. The VVD is aware that every euro the municipality spends is a euro that came from the taxpayer. 


Sports contribute to a healthy lifestyle and help create social contacts for young and old. The municipality should stimulate the availability of sports for everyone. The VVD supports all initiatives that can improve sports facilities and practice.


Education is the basis on which children and youths can develop and build an independent future for themselves. The VVD wants quality education, good school buildings and facilities, for both primary and secondary education.


The people of Amstelveen deserve the best care, especially our elderly. This requires an active role on the part of the municipality in order to offer GPs and specialist practices room. The VVD wants a municipality in which people are self-reliant and are free to develop themselves. This also means that people who are (temporarily or permanently) unable to function with full independence are given support.


De Poel should be what it used to be: recreation for young and old, on and along clean (bathing) water. Various cultural organisations, such as the Jan van der Togt museum, the Cobra museum and the Anna church can develop and present themselves more strongly. The nightlife in Het Stadshart, Oude Dorp and Amstelzijde has also gone through visible developments. The VVD supports initiatives for further development to turn Amstelveen into an even more enjoyable place to live.


For Amstelveen 

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